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How to increase home security over the Christmas period

How to increase home security over the Christmas period

Christmas is a time for family, friends, food, wine and presents, but unfortunately for many, it’s also a peak period for burglaries and break-ins.

According to the New South Wales Bureau of Crime of Statistics and Research, there were 763 property offences recorded on Christmas Eve (mostly occurring between 9am and 6pm), compared to the daily average of 629.

But you don’t have to spend what should be a joyful occasion in a state of fear – simply follow these tips to boost your home security over the silly season.

Staying home?

Just because you haven’t left your house unattended for a long period of time doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk of being targeted by robbers. After all, you can’t be at home 24/7, and even if you are, that doesn’t always deter criminals.

To protect you, your loved ones and your property, you should:

  • Leave a few lights on to make it look like someone is home.
  • Avoid posting your whereabouts on social media.
  • Ensure nothing is left outside your home that could assist burglars in entering (e.g. ladders, tools).
  • Keep valuable items and Christmas gifts out of sight.
  • Be home to accept parcel deliveries or have them diverted to your local post office.

Going away?

You deserve a break, but you don’t deserve to spend your break worrying about what’s going on back home. Here are a few basic measures you can take to protect your property when you’re away.

  • Let your trusted neighbours know where you’re going and how long for, and leave them an emergency contact number.
  • Ask friends or family to stop by regularly to collect the mail and give your place the once-over.
  • Invest in self-timing indoor and outdoor lights to create the illusion that someone’s home.
  • Consider installing a security alarm or cameras.

Of course, even with the best measures, sometimes these incidents are unavoidable. The one thing you can do to ensure the protection of your property is to ensure your home and contents insurance policy covers you should the worst happen.

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