Thu, 14 Sep, 2017Danielle McCarthy

Police fining drivers for going 1km/h over the limit

Police fining drivers for going 1km/h over the limit

Police have been issuing fines to drivers for going just 1km/h over the speed limit even though speed cameras don’t fine motorists until they are going 8km/h over.

Statistics from South Australia Police, based on over 500,000 sets of fine documentation, reveal the inconsistency between fines from speed cameras and those from police officers.

Royal Automobile Association Manager Road Safety, Charles Mountain told The Advertiser that these meticulous fines weren’t solving the dangers of speeding on the roads.

“It's up to police to set the tolerance level, but it should not vary between fines generated by traffic cameras or those issued on-the-spot by officers,” he said.

“Motorists deserve consistency regardless of the device used to capture them, be it a camera or a handheld laser,” he said.

Charles told the publication the fine system should target drivers who deliberately speed, rather than those who do it accidentally.

“We think it’s fair to give motorists some lenience to allow for a small error in judgment.”

“For instance, it’s understandable that drivers may find it hard to determine a small level of speeding when taking a quick glance at their speedo.”

“It’s the motorists who persistently speed on our roads that need to be penalised, rather than those who inadvertently exceed the limit.”

The Sunday Mail reported that officers can nominate a speed of 1km/h over the limit if they see a motorist clearly breaking the speed limit, but do not record their exact speed. 

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