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"We don't get on all of the time": Larry Emdur's startling confession

"We don't get on all of the time": Larry Emdur's startling confession

Larry Emdur and co-host Kylie Gillies have been side by side on The Morning Show for more than a decade.

When you’re working that closely with someone every day, there are bound to be bumps along the way.

Emdur confirmed this to The Daily Telegraph that their friendship hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

“Kylie and I, we have good days and bad days, but I think people see their own relationship in that,” Emdur said.

“We don't get on all of the time but nor do most couples.

“You don't want us to be vanilla. The last thing you want is two people to sit there and just agree with each other and laugh at each other's silly jokes. We call each other out and I think that's part of the magic of the show.”

Co-host Kyle Gillies also confirmed that their working relationship works so well because they love what they do. She told The Sydney Morning Herald:

“[It's] respect and genuine love for what we do... It's a dream job and it helps that we're best mates, too.”

Gillies also questioned how long they have left on the show.

“Larry jokes that TV years are a bit like dog years. One television year equals about seven out there in the real world, so do we have 70 years left in us? Let's find out,” she said.

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