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The Sunday Project hosts lose it over politician’s name

The Sunday Project hosts lose it over politician’s name

The hosts of The Sunday Project struggled to continue on with the show for several minutes after they suffered from a giggling fit due to a politician’s bizarre name.

But the one who dealt with the short end of the stick was Hamish Macdonald who descended into breathless hysterics as fellow panellist Tommy Little decided to make some changes to his script.

At one point, Macdonald hid behind his papers as he was unable to speak, laughing uncontrollably.

The hilarious stitch up occurred as Macdonald, Little and fellow host Lisa Wilkinson discussed the new leader of Britain’s right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) who have seen their popularity dwindle after former leader Nigel Farage cut ties to form the rival Brexit party.

The new leader’s name is Richard Braine, but Little thought it would be easier to refer to him as “Dick Braine”.

“You truly can’t make this stuff up,” said Wilkinson as the rest of the hosts began to snicker.

As the camera panned over to Macdonald, it was obvious that he was part of an elaborate prank with Little as the mastermind, as his script had been changed and was prompting the journalist to say “Dick Braine” live on air.

“Really?” Macdonald said confused. “This was not here before”.

But Little wouldn’t let him off that easily, as he urged him to say the words “Dick Braine”.

“Hamish … read the screen. Just read it.”

Macdonald hesitated, as he said: “It’s not every day there’s a politician with the name Dick Braine – that’s right, that’s his name.

“I don’t understand what’s going on, (Little) doesn’t know how to type or use a keyboard,” he said while looking over at the comedian.

By this point, Macdonald was red in the face and laughing sporadically as he was unable to put his thoughts into words.

“Hamish, you’re a serious journalist. Read the news,” said Little.

“OK, I’ll read it. First name Dick. Second name Braine. They went with Dick Braine. Back to you, Dick Braine,” Little said motioning towards Macdonald.

“It’s a great name. It’s taken over as my favourite name. Fanny Chmelar was my favourite before,” said Little.

“She was a downhill skier.”

“You’re making that up,” said Wilkinson, now also verging on hysterics. “Google it,” Little replied.

With Macdonald still giggling, Little continued on to the next segment before throwing it back to Macdonald.

“Dick, to you. How is everyone doing?” he asked.

“I’m struggling but I’m back,” said a red faced Macdonald.

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