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“The show went too far”: My Kitchen Rules judges admit to making mistakes last season

“The show went too far”: My Kitchen Rules judges admit to making mistakes last season

My Kitchen Rules and drama have always coincided with one another. There’s no show without the pettiness, and many viewers often tune in just to witness the latest argument that the contestants are cooking up.

But with last year’s season including a whirlwind of emotions, judges Pete Evans, Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge admit that the show may have taken it a step too far.

While each season has their fair share of interesting contestants, last year it was Sonya and Hadil who stirred the pot, to the point where they had to be “excused from the table” and eventually disqualified from the show – marking a first in MKR history.

Now, with the hit cooking show entering its 10th season, the judges are adamant that things will be run very differently.

“It was a very uncomfortable situation for us all and not one we ever want to be in again,” said judge Manu to TV WEEK.

“There are always opinionated people who like to say what they think, but it needs to be controlled.”

And the drama didn’t end there, Sonya and Hadil also threatened fellow contestants Kim and Suong during their instant restaurant.

“I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you, because you’re all disrespectful a**holes,” said a clearly furious Sonya during an episode, as she jabbed her fingers towards the other teams present at the table.

Judge Colin knew the situation had gotten out of hand when his wife Jane stopped his two young daughters – Maeve and Lily – from watching the show.

“My kids are a great barometer,” he said.

“If my wife won’t let them watch certain episodes, then I’m like, ‘Yeah, we have a problem here.’ When the show went a bit haywire, my wife just put a stop to it. It upset me, because I spend six months of my life doing this.

“I had my concerns, and I didn’t enjoy what was going on. It annoys me because that’s not why I joined [MKR]. It’s made us more determined to come back and sort it out.”

And now, with the new season fast approaching, the three judges are proud of what they have achieved this season and said that the show “couldn’t have done any better”.

Manu also revealed that it’s quite easy to spot the contestants who have ulterior motives.

“Every team is there for a different reason,” he said. “Some are there for the cash, some for a life change and some to be on TV. You never know until you sit around the table.

“But if they’re not there for the right reason, they go pretty quickly.”

But despite the incessant bickering, Manu says the show wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of confrontation.

“It’s a part of the recipe for the show’s success – you need a little bit of spice to make it work!” he said through a laugh.

Fellow judge Pete agreed with those sentiments, saying MKR is unpredictable and the audience never knows what to expect.

“Every single year there’s been some sort of drama,” Pete said. “I think people forget that it’s a competition to win a lot of money – and they’re passionate home cooks trying to prove they’re the best.

“The drama unfolds regardless. I guess it depends on what the viewers focus on. The drama is one element, but I focus on the food and the stories. I see a lot of joy, hard work and dedication.

“From my perspective, the cooking and the cast are the strongest we’ve ever had. All the boxes are ticked for it to be the strongest year.”

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My Kitchen Rules starts Monday, January 28, 7pm on Channel Seven.