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The moment you missed on The Project: Peter Helliar stops “fight” live on air

The moment you missed on The Project: Peter Helliar stops “fight” live on air

Tom Ballard’s ABC show Tonightly might have been cancelled last year, but there’s a chance that the comedian could return to the network.

Ballard was on The Project on Thursday evening to promote his upcoming play KWANDA, which is based on the popular ABC show Q&A, when host Peter Helliar suggested Hamish Macdonald could be the next in line to host the political program.

Both Ballard and Macdonald have subbed in for Q&A host Tony Jones on multiple occasions.

“I've been lucky enough to fill in for Tony Jones a couple of times on Q&A,” said Ballard. “I watch that show every week and I yell and throw things at the television.”

With Jones announcing his intention to leave the Monday night show before the end of 2019, a question has loomed over who will be his replacement.

Helliar then asked Ballard, “You’ve hosted Q&A, Hamish just hosted Q&A, Tony Jones is leaving. Who’s gonna…?”

His question was cut off as Ballard jokingly leapt from his chair to grab Macdonald, forcing Helliar to intervene. 

“Let me have him!” Ballard said.

As Helliar stopped the playful “fight”, he gave a nod to Jones’s catchphrase on the ABC show, jokingly saying: “Send in your tweets!”

Earlier this month, Jones announced that he would be stepping down from Q&A to travel to China with wife and fellow ABC presenter Sarah Ferguson, who is taking on a new role as the ABC’s China bureau chief.

“I love doing Q&A,” Jones said. “But going to China is an ­opportunity that is too good to miss.”