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The brilliant one-liner Kochie delivered during Sunrise interview

The brilliant one-liner Kochie delivered during Sunrise interview

Sunrise host David Koch has hit Anthony Mundine with the cold hard truth after the “retired” boxer announced his comeback.

Appearing on the breakfast show on Thursday morning, Mundine spoke about his boxing career and the infamous moment Jeff Horn obliterated the athlete in 96 seconds in November last year.

The former rugby league star followed the embarrassing moment with a plea for a rematch, but Horn refused, saying Mundine was “past his best”.

Now, in the hopes to come face-to-face with Horn again, Mundine told Koch and the Sunrise team that he’s coming out of retirement, with his first match against Aussie Michael Zerafa.

“Mate, you are the John Farnham of boxing,” Koch wittingly said in response to Mundine’s announcement.

The 43-year-old refused to bow down to the comments, as he still believes he has the potential to fight the country’s best boxers.

“I don’t know about that man. I might be the new Michael Jackson,” said Mundine.

“I’m going to come back from the dead. You’re all going to see it.

“I just want to get back with Jeff Horn and we will see what happens. Obviously, if I lose again, I’m done. It’s finished. It’s over. But I really feel like I’m feeling too good and too fresh. I’m still feeling great.”

Mundine went on to say that after speaking with Horn’s team, the only way to get a rematch is to play against other fighters.

“After reflecting on the last fight, I wanted to sail into the sunset.

“I wanted to win that fight and sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after, but you know, the way things turned out through God’s will, I really feel that The Man can’t go out like that.

“I can’t go out in that fashion. I need to make sure I go out with a victory.

“I need to get back and try and match Jeff Horn, but they want me to have a win or two first.”