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The awkward moment you missed: Jane Fonda and Tommy Little's flirty interview on The Project

The awkward moment you missed: Jane Fonda and Tommy Little's flirty interview on The Project

On Sunday, Hollywood icon Jane Fonda appeared on The Project to promote her ‘In Conversation’ evening at the Sydney Opera House.

During the interview, viewers were left stunned after co-host Tommy Little, 33, couldn’t resist flirting with the 80-year-old actress while making cheeky references.

Co-presenter Sarah Harris first asked the actress about a photo she had shared to Instagram, which showed her making toast in a sequinned ball gown.

“Can we ask what's happening in this Instagram post?” Harris asked Fonda.

“I live alone now, I've had three husbands and I'm finally on my own now,” the actress replied.

“I went to this fancy dress party with this incredible sequinned dress and when I got home, I couldn't unzip it.”

Fonda admitted that she was forced to sleep in the designer gown because she had no one around to help her get it off.

Showing his admiration for the star, Tommy Little cheekily said: “I never thought we'd live in a world where Jane Fonda couldn't find someone to take her dress off.”

The 33-year-old host continued to put on a flirty display to Jane Fonda, who was also promoting her new film Book Club.

“I can't believe that I'm sitting here next to Jane Fonda,” Little said at the start of the segment.

“This is such a thrill for me. What is the secret? You are the most stunning person on the planet,” he said to Fonda.

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During the segment, Little shared a video of himself attempting to recreate one of Fonda’s tough workout videos, which catapulted her to fame in the 1980s.

“Jane, I have something to show you,” Tommy said, prompting laughter from fellow panellists Hugh Riminton, Lisa Wilkinson and Sarah Harris.

“You show me yours and I'll show you mine,” Fonda replied, causing a smile to flash over Little’s face.

“Don't encourage him, Jane,” Riminton said.

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