Samantha Armytage and Sam Mac respond to bizarre feud claims

Samantha Armytage and Sam Mac respond to bizarre feud claims

Samantha Armytage has responded to a bizarre article claiming she has a “hatred” for her Sunrise colleague, Sam Mac.

The claim followed on Wednesday after Samantha was asked by a viewer on Instagram what she really thinks about the TV weatherman

‘I have a question for you,” the question began.

“When you cross to Sam Mac for weather, it comes across that you seem to dislike him with some comments.

“Not sure if you are aware?”

Samantha jokingly replied: “A message from one of our concerned viewers... Don’t worry Danielle. I really like Sam Mac... sometimes.”

Samantha and Sam then exchanged a series of sweet messages and photos on their Instagram stories, clarifying just how close the two are.

News website Daily Mail used the satirical exchange to write an article that had the headline “Sunrise host Samantha Armytage reveals the truth about her ‘hatred’ for weatherman Sam Mac.”

The stars addressed the misleading article on Thursday morning’s episode of the breakfast show.

“I think the Daily Mail thinks if you put something in inverted commas, you can say anything,” Armytage said.

“I never said I hated you, I just said sometimes I like you,” she joked.

Samantha went on to add: “In 2021, you know that there’s so much outrage, you’ve got to be very careful what you say these days.”

“When we just have our old fashioned Australian banter, our brother-sister stuff, it blows up into a huge day of, should we say, fake news.”

In Samantha fashion, she introduced Mac’s next weather segment with a laugh, saying: “So here is our darling, wonderful, handsome weatherman who we adore with all our hearts!”