Sun, 3 Mar, 2019Courtney Allan

Paul "Fatty" Vautin reveals his heartbreak after The Footy Show

Paul "Fatty" Vautin reveals his heartbreak after The Footy Show

Paul "Fatty" Vautin has opened up about his sudden axing from Channel Nine's The Footy Show.

In an exclusive interview with The Courier Mail, Vautin said that the decision about the show “actually hurt a lot”.

“I loved every single show. We got into a 24th year and I loved the two hours of off-the-cuff live television sitting among friends.”

And it’s still too painful to talk about the sudden decision to axe the show from Channel Nine.

A devastated Vautin explained:

“I haven’t spoken about it and I won’t yet but you would be really surprised how it happened. One day I will talk about it.

“The demise of the show hurt as well but you know what – that’s life, especially in the media game, which can be quite fickle.”

As Vautin is still employed by Channel Nine as a rugby league commentator, his side of the story won’t be revealed until that employment contract has ended.

Darrly Brohman, Erin Molan and Paul Vautin

Despite the “fickle” nature of the media game, Vautin is happy where he is now.

“I am really enjoying commentating now and connecting with grass roots and club people I haven’t seen for years,” he happily admitted.

Vautin is also impressed that he’s managed to have a career in media over the last 26 years.

“I was very fortunate, especially since I had everything against me. I played for Manly who everyone hated, and Queensland who they also hated down there, as well and I had red hair. I mean – hello.”

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