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My Kitchen Rules' John tells: "My big news"

My Kitchen Rules' John tells: "My big news"

Much-loved John Krasenstein from My Kitchen Rules has some exciting news to share.

John, 29, and his wife Chloe are expecting a baby.

Chloe excitedly told New Idea

“I fell pregnant while John was filming MKR."

The duo have been trying for a baby since they were married three years ago.

"Chloe and I got married almost three years ago and we started trying straight away," John explained.

However, as the couple have been unsuccessful, they started to lose hope.

“I think a lot of people have the same problem and I think it's just not talked about a lot," Chloe says.

"You never know if it's going to be you that's going to have a problem until you try.

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"I think, as well, [it puts a] strain on your relationship...because it takes a bit of the fun out of things. I think that was something that we weren't prepared for, I guess, because we never thought we'd have those issues.

“After a while, every month, it gets very, very sad.”

However, the couple were glad that John got onto MKR as there was a switch in focus. Chloe explains: “It was just really good to take the time off work, think about MKR [and] get wound up in the MKR bubble for a while. It was good and people always say to stop thinking about it. Stop worrying about it so much! The babies will happen and I guess that’s what happened with us!”

The baby is now 23 weeks along and Chloe and the baby are doing well.

John couldn’t contain his excitement, as he said: “It’s going to be a beautiful baby girl. All the reports are healthy.

“We just need to choose a name now!

"We had names for a boy lined up. But we’re not having a boy. So we’re just currently trying to work that out. When we see her, [that] might be when we decide, I think.”