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Lisa Wilkinson weighs in on Karl’s wedding: “They’ve had a rough couple of years”

Lisa Wilkinson weighs in on Karl’s wedding: “They’ve had a rough couple of years”

Lisa Wilkinson has opened up about her former Today co-host Karl Stefanovic, as he tied the knot with Jasmine Yarbrough, saying that the pair had to face a “couple of rough years”.

Stefanovic, 44, celebrated in Cabo, Mexico, over the weekend as wed shoe designer Yarbrough, 34, in an extravagant three-day long celebration.

The host of the Today show has faced intense scrutiny ever since his relationship with Yarbrough became public in 2016, only a few short months after his divorce from his first wife Cassandra Thorburn.

Stefanovic has three children with his former wife, River, 12, Ava, 13 and Jackson, 19.

With his wedding fronting every media outlet in the country, Wilkinson seemed happy for Stefanovic and wished him well on an episode of The Sunday Project.

“It’s lovely to see. They look very happy,” she said.

“I think they’ve had a couple of rough years. And it’ll be nice to get on with the rest of their lives. Together.”

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph earlier in the month, Wilkinson revealed that despite working together for over ten years, she had not received an invitation to the lavish nuptials.

Stefanovic was beaming with joy after the wedding ceremony, as he told the Telegraph that Yarbrough had “endured beyond hardship” to be with him.

“When everyone has had their say as to why she is with me, she has gone beyond it,” he said.

“And really, why would you be with me with the s**tstorm that comes with me? It has been very hard … Jas is my rock. I don’t go on without her. She is the rock of us as a couple.”

The ceremony, which had 200 guests in attendance, was held right outside the chapel in the One&Only Pamilla Resort.

The reception was held on the beach as guests kicked off their shoes to celebrate two people coming together.

Stefanovic reportedly felt a barrage of emotions during his wedding speech as he spoke about the challenges the pair had to face as a couple, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

“Jasmine, you have taken on enormous stress with me, you have taken on another family, media and social criticism that would break most – you’ve weathered it,” he said.

“You stand tall, you stand strong, you stand up and keep walking.

“Everyone needs a Jasmine in their life … if they have it, they’re the luckiest people in the world.

“You are my rock, you are my saviour, you put me back together. I’m a better person because of you, a better friend, a better dad – tonight I celebrate and toast you Jasmine my wife.”