Basmah Qazi

Kochie trapped: “I thought I was running out of oxygen!”

Kochie trapped: “I thought I was running out of oxygen!”

Sunrise co-host, David Koch was “left terrified” after being trapped in an elevator for 30 minutes at Channel Seven’s HQ in Sydney's CBD on Tuesday.

The ordeal was filmed and posted on Facebook, where a distressed Kochie could be seen dropping to his knees to “thank” the heavens as the doors of the lift finally opened.

Waiting for him outside were his colleagues Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta.

“He’s alive, thank God he’s alive!” Beretta yelled out in relief as Kochie put his palms together in a prayer position.

The 63-year-old then met with the hero who “saved his life” – Steve, the male lift technician, who was responsible for fixing the malfunctioning elevator.

“Thank you, Steve. I thought I was running out of oxygen!” joked Kochie as he came out of the lift.

The finance journalist gave his colleagues a warm embrace before Beretta said: “You scared us.”

Kochie then shared further details about his “terrifying” experience, saying, “I was yelling but no-one came!”

He then took the opportunity to make a witty remark about his colleagues as they filmed the entire incident, claiming that “they were only interested in getting followers” on social media.

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