"Have I gone too far?": Scott Cam's fears on The Block

"Have I gone too far?": Scott Cam's fears on The Block

The Block host Scott Cam has questioned whether he has “gone too far” after contestants struggled to finish a “monster job” in time.

In the new season of the reality show, the teams were tasked to renovate a total of 460 square metres on what was originally an old hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne. In comparison, the average across the past 14 seasons were 160 square metres.

“If you were to take Norm and Jess’ penthouse last year, and put it on top of Josh and Elyse's winning house from the year before – that's what they have to renovate this year,” said Scott.

The contestants expressed surprise at the challenge of the week, which was to deliver a guest bedroom and an ensuite in one week. 

“It’s impossible,” one said, as another commented, “It’s a monster job.”

When Scott asked the teams to score themselves on their confidence, most gave themselves low marks.

“We’ve got two days and two hours to finish the room and we haven’t even got our floor down,” said Matt of the Perth couple El’ise and Matt.

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“It is the toughest week we’ve ever put on week one, there’s no doubt about that,” said Scott.

“And if no one finishes I will put my hand up and say I was wrong, it’s too big. If one team finishes that means it’s achievable and I’m back right again, just be that team.”

Foremen Keith Schleiger and Dan Reilly said it was unlikely that the rooms would be ready by the reveal deadline. 

“We have never been near where we are at the moment, we are so far behind,” Keith said.

“I reckon no chance of finishing at the moment,” added Dan.

At the end of the first episode, Scott asked, “Have I gone too far?”