Grant Denyer's BIG news!

Grant Denyer's BIG news!

When Grant Denyer isn’t looking after his two young daughters, Sailor, 7 and Scout, 2, he’s doing multiple television spots.

At the moment, he’s currently on Dancing With The Stars, as well as his breakfast radio show on 2Day FM. along with his regular guest appearances on Channel 10’s Chris and Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway and Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

However, after Denyer’s back injury has left him unable to walk or sit, that hasn’t stopped him from agreeing to return to our TV screens on another show called Celebrity Name Game.

The new show will air at 6 pm every weeknight, and Channel 10 has released a statement explaining the show:

"The king of gameshows and guardian of the buzzer, Grant Denyer, returns to host a half hour of side-splitting, eye-popping and name-dropping fun," the statement read.

"Packed with famous faces, Celebrity Name Game is a fast-paced game show that sees everyday Aussies paired with real-life celebrities in a race against the clock to identify famous names and faces from across pop culture."

The show will see two teams of two contestants facing off in a supercharged game of charades to win the $10,000 prize money.

Teams can call in their favourite celebrities to help them win the game, including former Gogglebox stars Yvie Jones and Angie Kent, and Beau Ryan who will be starring on the show.

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