Grant Denyer's shocking Sunrise confession

Grant Denyer's shocking Sunrise confession

Grant Denyer has made a shocking confession about his time on Sunrise.

Denyer, who was the weather presenter on the Channel 7 breakfast show between 2004-2006 and 2010-2013, admitted on I'm A Celeb that he was sometimes drunk while doing his job.

“I don’t like my relationship with alcohol,” the TV presenter said. “When I was doing Sunrise weather for years, the amount of times I was probably still drunk on air in the morning was too many.”

The star admitted that it was obvious that he had, and still has, a drinking problem.

“I think I have only just realised that from coming in here (I’m A Celeb), I drink to lessen anxiety,” he said. “I didn’t really realise I had until I saw the pattern I had from the fear of coming into here and the anticipation of a new gig.”

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Denyer revealed he had concerns about whether he would fit in with the rest of the I'm A Celeb cast and if he would be successful in the challenges.

The anxiety made him drink in the weeks leading up to the show.

Now, he's realised he has a massive problem.

“I have been asking myself this question for, far out, five years? ‘Do I have a problem?’ And I think the answer is, ‘I do!’”

The TV veteran hinted he would be giving up alcohol in the not too distant future, saying: “I think I need it gone from my life to be able to navigate life better than I have been.”