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Channel 7 cancels My Kitchen Rules bonus season

Channel 7 cancels My Kitchen Rules bonus season

My Kitchen Rules was unfortunately up against Channel Nine's Married at First Sight and was crushed in the ratings this year, despite MKR being in its 10th season.

As a result, Channel Seven has now ditched plans to air a 10-year anniversary bonus season, which was scheduled for later this year.

Instead, the cooking show will return to screens early next year for season 11.

Seven’s head of programming Angus Ross confirmed to Mediaweek that Channel Seven is looking to reinvigorate the cooking show.

“We won't be bringing in a stunt series at the end of this year. It is coming back in [the first quarter] next year,” Ross said.

“We think we've got a few ideas about how to reinvigorate and re-imagine the show.”

The decision not to air two MKR seasons in 2019 is one that has surprised fans, as the network has been promoting a “10th Anniversary Special” since October 2018.

“How things played out [with the ratings for the 2019 season], the smarter thing to do was to consolidate next year,” Ross added.

When Ross was asked whether or not he was pleased with the performance of MKR, he gave a clear answer.

“Would I have liked My Kitchen Rules to have done better numbers? Of course I would,” Ross said.

However, Ross was quick to point out that Seven is not a one show network.

“But we are not a one show network at Seven. We are always on, there is no Easter or summer [breaks].

“We are driven by our three key pillars – news, entertainment and sport. We are the sum of our parts on not reliant on a single show.”