Courtney Allan


The way technology has influenced the way you buy cars

The way technology has influenced the way you buy cars

New research from Boyle Consulting has shown that the reason you bought your latest car isn’t for the reasons you think.

There are a variety of things that influence you into finding your ideal vehicle.

The most important research methods that were helpful to research participants were:

  1. Visiting a dealership (91 per cent)
  2. Dealership test drives (77 per cent)
  3. Online reviews (75 per cent)
  4. Manufacturer website (69 per cent)
  5. Dealership website (66 per cent)
With 75 per cent of research participants using online reviews to gauge whether or not their new car might be for them, it’s clear that technology has had a large impact on the way that people not only research about new cars but use the information available to make a new decision.

The bottom answers in the top five were the manufacturer website and the dealership website, which was used as a research tool for those who are looking to buy a car.

Younger drivers found that the opinions of their friends and family impacted them a lot, with 76 per cent of young people using them to make a final decision. This is a 27 per cent increase of Baby Boomers who were asked the same question. 

Another surprising finding is that buyers visit just two dealerships on average. More than 40 per cent of buyers are just happy to visit one.

This shows that buyers are potentially missing out on big discounts as they don’t look at more than two dealerships.

Once buyers have made a decision, they will generally purchase the vehicle within two days.