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The Block finale controversy: The 9 words Scott Cam said that angered viewers

The Block finale controversy: The 9 words Scott Cam said that angered viewers

Some off-the-cuff remarks made by The Block host Scott Cam during Sunday night’s finale have landed the popular Channel Nine personality in hot water, with accusations flying on Twitter of “casual sexism”.

He made the comments to contestants Bianca and Carla during the auction of their apartment at this year’s renovation site, the Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda, as the bid for the apartment reached $2,982,500.

“Not bad for a couple of single girls, aye,” said Cam of the pair who made a healthy $301,000 profit after a final sale of $2,991,000.

“You will be on the market now. Or off the market. There are two million people watching this show. A couple of good sorts with plenty of cash.”

 But some viewers watching the anticipated broadcast hit out at the 55-year-old, accusing him of being “sexist”.

One viewer tweeted: “Does Scott Cam always talk about Bianca & Carla like it’s a miracle they can do anything because they’re two single women?!”

Another called the remarks “inappropriate jokes” about the women’s single status, and one viewer asked, “What does their relationship status have to do with the result of their work, Scott Cam?”

Others branded the comments “casual sexism,” with one remarking that it was an attitude to be expected from the reality show host, known for his larrikin tradie persona.

But some viewers disagreed, saying the criticism went too far and was unwarranted.

“What type of world are we living in now where PC tossers just whinge about anything!” tweeted one. “No one was whinging when he was taking the p**s out of the two country boys a few years back for their design skills.”

And one asked whether the contestants Bianca and Carla we’re actually offended.

“We were actually fine with it,” Bianca told news.com.au. “We are always bantering with Scotty about a range of things, we had a lot of fun on the show and Scotty knows us well enough to know we wouldn’t be offended by that.”

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