Smartwatch Wars: ALDI’s incredible $40 version of Apple product

Smartwatch Wars: ALDI’s incredible $40 version of Apple product

Everyone knows buying presents for your dad is the worst.

He either tells you he wants nothing or he’ll ask for a pair of socks - which is definitely not what he actually wants.

Thankfully, ALDI is selling a smartwatch for the fraction of the usual price as part of its Father’s Day-themed round of Special Buys.

Apple and Samsung sell their popular smartwatches anywhere between $300 to $1000, but ALDI has priced theirs at an affordable $39.99.

And despite not getting the full set of features you would receive in an $849 Apple watch, ALDI’s version still has its own range of tricks.

It can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth and receive call and message notifications, as well as play your music.

ALDI’s smartwatch can also track your health by measuring sleep patterns, blood pressure and your heart rate.

Smartwatches exploded in popularity when Apple released its first version in 2015.

Father’s Day falls on Sunday September 6 this year, so don’t forget.

ALDI’s Father’s Day Special Buys go on sale Wednesday, August 26.

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