Mon, 18 Feb, 2019Joanita Wibowo

Restaurant’s brilliant response to “rude” customer goes viral

Restaurant’s brilliant response to “rude” customer goes viral

A UK restaurant’s brilliant response to a "rude" customer who described their food and space as "crap" has gone viral on the Internet.

By the River Brew Co's Träkol Restaurant in Tyne, England, shared the complaint email from a self-described "wealthy" and "well-educated" customer on their social media account last Monday.

The unsatisfied customer wrote in an the email sent to the restaurant, "I am born and bread [sic] in Newcastle … Self employed from a wealthy background and well educated (privately, obviously). I have eaten in the best restaurants of Newcastle, Europe and the Caribbean.

"I can honestly say I have never eaten such crap food in crap surroundings and payed [sic] at least four times what the food was worth."

The paying patron's protest was also extended to the "salty" shellfish on the Barnsley Chop dish.

The customer went on, "As a businessman I would not do you the disservice of putting this on social media, but someone needs to look at your offering."

The restaurant, which has been featured in the Michelin Guide, clapped back at the harsh review by sharing their brilliant response publicly on Twitter. 

"The customer is always right… unless they are very very rude and very very wrong," the management wrote in the Twitter caption accompanying a picture of their exchange.

In their response to the customer, the restaurant masterfully addressed the customer’s "barbed and rather insulting" complaints.

"Thank you for your mail — as a self employed, wealthy, privately educated individual we would have thought you would have understood the difference between bread and bred," they wrote.

"Crap food: We are glad you enjoyed the Barnsley Chop … the real surprise is that you would expect crustaceans to be anything but salty given that they live in… the sea.

"Crap surroundings: you don’t go into much detail here — and of course this is not the Caribbean at which you have dined in the best restaurants.

"Whilst we are always welcoming of comments, critique and well reasoned complaints in this case we must take umbrage to your mail which we feel is simply a personal attack."

The sharp-witted Twitter post has received more than 5,000 "likes", with people applauding the restaurant's answer.

One of the restaurant’s fans wrote, "I'm sat here shouting far too many four letter words on behalf of you guys... shocking behaviour… please keep smashing out the amazing food and service that you guys do."

Another user wrote, "Well, you've just earned yourself more customers the next time we’re down south. Brilliant response to an utterly terrible person."

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