Incredible images of the super moon

Incredible images of the super moon

Australian space enthusiasts were given the ultimate moon gazing experience on Wednesday night after a super blood moon appeared in the sky.

Similar to the pink super moon in April, photos of the May super blood moon, which was red in colour, had been shared widely across social media.

The super blood moon takes place when a total lunar eclipse (or blood moon) happens at the same time as the "super" moon - which appeared brighter and bigger.

Incredible images have popped up from across Australia, taken by both professionals and social media users.

The beach provided a beautiful backdrop for the super moon as many avid photographers took to the ocean side to take their snaps.

Other images show the earth’s shadow fall across the full moon above Sydney.

Social media users have taken to Instagram to share their own images from the super blood moon.

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Twitter users were equally as enthusiastic, sharing their own pictures of the phenomenon.

While the super blood moon will be visible from parts of America, Australian National University astrophysicist Brad Tucker said Aussies had one of the best and most convenient viewing times.

“This is probably the rarest bit of this moon, that it happens in the early evening and not some absurd normal astronomy time in the middle of the night,” he said.

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