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Husband criticises wife’s funeral outfit – describes it as “too much”

Husband criticises wife’s funeral outfit – describes it as “too much”

When attending a funeral, everyone knows that it is essential to make sure your outfit is smart, modest and most importantly, black.

However, one woman has asked for fashion advice after her husband complained about the dress she was planning to wear to a funeral.

Sharing a photo of the dress on Mumsnet, the woman’s black dress has divided the internet, with public opinion split on the outfit choice.

In the post, she explained that she intended to pair the black dress with “black tights and black ankle boots with a small heel".

She added that her 5-foot height also made the dress more modest as the hem sat at “practically knee-length” on her.

But her husband didn’t believe the dress was suitable for the occasion.

“I thought it was perfect but [dear husband] seems to think it’s ‘too much’. So [would it be unreasonable] to wear it?” she asked.

After sharing her post, the woman was flooded with responses of varying opinions.

Some said the dress was offensive as it is the sort of style one “would wear on a night out” and “a bit short”.

Others suggested ways that she could make it less stylish.

“Do you have a pair of black jeans or trousers you could wear underneath? That would be more suitable than tights,” one wrote. “Also could you wear a vest or crew neck t-shirt underneath?”

However, others believed that everyone was overreacting over the dress.

“Good grief. Please don’t wear it with trousers and a crew neck. You’re going to a funeral, not a nunnery,” one fired back.

The woman has not yet revealed if she will wear the dress to the funeral.

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