Shannen Findlay

"Creepy" Target menswear ad from the '70s gets mocked online

"Creepy" Target menswear ad from the '70s gets mocked online

A 1975 Target catalogue advertising men’s summertime wear has resurfaced, and online users have had a field day, as they've mocked the outfits shown.

The '70s ad was shared to the Old Shops Australia Facebook page with the caption: “Target Australia 1975: No aircon no worries — gents stay cool and comfy with quality summer business wear at unbeatable prices.”

The magazine featured men’s short and long-sleeved business shirts, “fashion” ties, leather belts and “walk” socks.

The most concerning feature for Facebook users though were the mini shorts.

“Try sitting on a vinyl car seat in this (sic) mini shorts. Ouch,” one user joked.

“OMG. not a good look at all, especially the one on the left,” another wrote.

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