Mon, 12 Nov, 2018Basmah Qazi

Bride receives upsetting "accidental" text from mother-in-law

Bride receives upsetting "accidental" text from mother-in-law

A bride-to-be was left speechless after being on the receiving end of a rather nasty text from her future mother-in-law that was supposed to be sent to someone else.

Posting under the screen name Bamboo2u, the distressed woman took to internet forum Reddit as she sought advice for how to handle her future mother-in-law who was caught “talking sh*t” about her mum after a day spent wedding dress shopping.

The woman recounted the day's events and claimed that during the hunt for a wedding dress, her mum suggested to keep her maiden name for work but take her husband's name for everything else. To which her mother-in-law agreed as she does the same.

According to the poster, the day went smoothly, and her mother-in-law has never shown any hostility towards the bride’s mother before.

“So later that night after we all parted ways, I get a text message that was ‘accidentally’ sent to me. It was from my fiancé’s mother. I made the mistake of reading it from my car with my fiancé in the car,” she wrote.

“The text said the whole day was a sh*t show and that my mum advised me to not take my fiance’s name for career reasons.”

The woman was “hurt and pissed” that her mother-in-law was talking badly about her mum behind her back and that she was concerned over what she has said about her to other people in the family.

The mother-in-law also refused to issue an apology and wouldn’t look at her when they met after the incident.

Most users on the popular forum sided with the bride, as they considered the mother-in-law to be out of line, with many saying she should be excluded from the rest of the wedding planning.

“I think it’s hypocritical that she is passing judgement on your mum for the very thing she does,” said one user.

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