Tue, 13 Nov, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Aussie woman's ridiculous list of rules for husband

Aussie woman's ridiculous list of rules for husband

One wife is receiving backlash after sharing the list of rules she expects her husband to follow.

Writing on the Facebook group “Get It Off Your Chest”, the woman by the name of “Rosiee” explained that she wanted feedback on the list of rules she wrote for her partner.

Admitting that she re-drafted the rules because she was told the first lot were a bit “harsh”, she asked for “honest opinions” from online users.

Rosiee shared the 10 commandments for her man, which included “no female friends”, “no social media” and “must work minimum 50 hours a week”.

The wife also believes her husband should keep the house clean at all times and not go out without her present.

Since sharing her rules, Rosiee has been flooded with criticism for her extreme policing of her husband.

“You should just get a dog,” wrote one Facebook user.

“This is your husband right?” asked another. “I don’t think he agreed to be your slave when you married him.”

“I have guy friends that are married,” wrote one woman. “It’s no problem. My boyfriend has great female friends. Again, no problem. If you have mutual respect and true love, you don’t need these rules.”

While the users don’t know Rosiee personally, they suggested that the strict rules were a reflection of her “insecurities” and fears that her partner would cheat.

According to therapist Shannon Thomas, partners who are controlling develop into “toxic people”.

Speaking to, Thomas said: “Toxic people have the ability to affect all areas of our lives, and we are often blind to this.”

“We make excuses for them. We believe and internalise the lies they feed us. And, in turn, that affects how we view ourselves and our worth. Toxic people receive pleasure from taking joy away from the things we once loved, such as work, friendships, hobbies, and even our love for ourselves.”

Thomas said the best way to gauge if you are in a toxic relationship is to reflect on how they make you feel after spending time with them.

“The best gauge is to see how you feel after interacting with someone – our physical and emotional reactions to people are our best indicators.”

Many commenters on Rosiee’s post suggested that her husband should respond to her list of rules by doing one thing: “Run!”

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