Fri, 20 Apr, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Dad’s hilarious letter to son’s school about confiscated jumper goes viral

Dad’s hilarious letter to son’s school about confiscated jumper goes viral

A dad’s hilarious letter to his son’s school about his confiscated jumper is going viral, revealing the real reason why his son broke the uniform rule.  

Twitter user Seannwalsh recently found a letter his dad sent to his school after he was told off over his uniform, resulting in his jumper being confiscated.

Sean shared a picture of the letter online, laughing at the real reason his father gives for the situation.

The formal letter tries to relieve his son of any consequence.

“Dear Mr Field, Sean tells me that you have confiscated his sweater. He tells me that in class he conforms to the school uniform. He was absent from school on Monday because he had a cold, so travelling on Wednesday without his sweater was not too clever,” the letter began.

“He told me that the jacket he normally wears is acceptable, but it was stained, therefore he could not wear it.

"His mother was in Cyprus last week on a break and I, unfortunately, was not able to use the washing machine,” the dad continued.

The father ended his letter by hoping to show perspective on the matter.

“Sean was too embarrassed at having a father who cannot use a washing machine to say this. Anyway my point is: Isn’t this just a little bit petty? Life’s hard enough,” he concluded.

Twitter users shared their appreciation for the dad’s honesty and the way he handled the situation.

“What a great dad… in spite of his laundry ineptitude,” wrote one user.

“I bet your Dad was a riot at parent evenings,” said another.

The tweet currently has over 29,000 likes.