Thu, 15 Feb, 2018Ben Squires

“Time-traveller” passes lie-detector test when talking about the future

“Time-traveller” passes lie-detector test when talking about the future

A “time-traveller” who claims he’s from 2030 has incredibly passed a lie-detector test in which he was asked a range of highly specific questions about the future.

The creepy YouTube video, which you can see below, features a man known only as Noah, whose face and voice are distorted due to his fears of being assassinated.

Noah makes a number of wild claims in his video, yet passes the test with flying colours.

Among the claims, Noah predicts Donald Trump will win a second term in the White House, humans will reach Mars in 2028 (the same year time travel will be discovered) and that a series of Google Glass-style robots will take over the world.

Noah seems shaken in the bizarre clip, saying, “I want to be clear ... my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists.

“In fact I, myself, am a time traveller.”

What are your thoughts? Think it’s the real deal? Or just some hoax?