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How to compress large files to send over email

How to compress large files to send over email

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If you need to send several documents or photos via email, you may encounter the issue of your email being too large to send.

Large files such as word documents (.doc format) can make the message slower to send and receive, and your recipient may not be able to download it if their email provider has a maximum message size. There is a solution! Your documents can be compressed to as little as 10 per cent of their original size.

But how?

Think of your files like those vacuum seal storage bags. Zipping your files up compresses the files, and packs them all neatly into a single attachment. When your recipient receives the file, their computer will unzip the file – expanding the file back to its original size.

Try this on windows

  1. Pop all your files into a folder that you want to compress and send
  2. Right click on the folder
  3. Click on "Send to", and click Compressed (zipped) folder
A new compressed folder is created in the same location. You can now rename this folder and email it off to your recipient.

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