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Why Jack Vidgen keeps “bursting into tears randomly”

Why Jack Vidgen keeps “bursting into tears randomly”

When it was announced that Jack Vidgen would be taking the stage on the current season of The Voice Australia, the young musician knew people could react either way.

But after the 22-year-old’s groundbreaking rendition of Adele’s Hello, which has been viewed over a million times on YouTube, the singer told 9Honey that he keeps “bursting into tears randomly” due to experiencing “so much overwhelming love and kindness and positivity”.

“It’s honestly been so crazy. I had no idea what to expect,” he said. “It’s just been so amazing. Everyone’s comments have been so lovely.”

This isn’t Jack’s first time on a reality show, as when he was 14, he took home the title of Australia’s Got Talent, which landed him a record deal with Sony Music and $250,000 in prize money.

After releasing two albums, he moved away from the spotlight, only coming back once he rediscovered his passion for music.

He may not have had a mentor when he was 14, but Vidgen has one now, and who better to guide him than his coach on The Voice, Guy Sebastian.

“I think I do really need this time of being mentored,” Jack said, when talking about the difference between AGT and The Voice

“I’ve kind of gone through similar situations before without a mentor, and I think looking back, if I could do it again with a mentor, I 100 per cent would, and I think Guy’s such an amazing person to do that.”

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So so so thankful i get to keep going on this journey on @thevoiceau 🖤 stripping back the song was such a challenge for me, i’m so not used to just singing the lyrics straight and being so vulnerable. You guys have no idea how nervous/excited i am for my battle round that’s airing TOMORROW (sunday) night 😦♥️ 7:30pm ch9 !!

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It was one of the reasons Guy chose Jack after his Knockout performance, despite being up against Jordy Marcs and Lara Dabbagh in a Rihanna-themed sing-off.

For him, the “nerves were high” as he watched his fellow contestants take the stage before him.

“I was thinking, ‘S***!’” he said through laughter. 

“It was really nerve-wracking, they’re both just such incredible singers, just like everyone on the show.”

Before singing Rihanna’s Love the Way You Lie, Vidgen had to bring out those emotions from a deep place. 

“I think I was nervous because it does have such a deep meaning, and it is a heavy, pretty dark song,” he said. 

“And I guess you’ve got to find that place in your own journey where you can draw from that, and that was nerve-wracking for me because I think, just over the years, I’ve tried to work past those things, obviously, and I think going back to those places it can be hard to draw from those emotions.”

He also had to “strip back”.

“In my audition, I wanted to show who I was, but I also wanted to try and impress the coaches, and I wanted Australia to hear my voice,” he said. 

“With this performance, I tried to strip it back as much as I could, and strip back the runs and the vocal tricks, and really get to the meaning of the song.”

Now the next obstacle to conquer is to make it through the battles. “Just the word ‘battle’ kind of makes you s*** yourself a bit,” he said through a laugh. 

“Just the thought of battling against someone else is scary, because for me – and I’m sure for everyone else – this is such an emotional time, and when you think of growth and being emotional, and then put a battle into the mix, that’s super nerve-wracking.”