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“Why didn’t you pick me?”: The awkward moment between Guy Sebastian and fan favourite on The Voice

“Why didn’t you pick me?”: The awkward moment between Guy Sebastian and fan favourite on The Voice

In the battle round of The Voice Australia, things got awkward quickly on Monday night’s episode.

Jack Vidgen and Chriddy Black faced off in the battle round and as the pair were both standouts from the blind auditions, fans were on the edge of their seats as they watched the two perform Say Something.

After the performance, host Sonia Kruger admitted that coach Guy Sebastian had “an impossible choice” to make, according to

Kelly Rowland agreed.

“I don’t know what I would do because they both had so much growth this week and that is what being here is about — so job well done guys.”

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It was clear that Sebastian was torn as he was “proud of you both” before he made his choice.

“I look at Jack, for example, and I see someone who has gone onto a show and then what’s happened post the show has got you to a place that was pretty dark. And I’ve loved getting to know you because you are such a humble and kind person who just wants to reconnect with their gift,” Sebastian said.

“And then I look at Chriddy and I see someone who is so raw and someone who has been through stuff and then the loss that you’ve been through. You’ve turned that loss around and you want to use it for a positive message.

“I’m being asked to choose between both of you, I think it sucks, but I want to make sure I take through the person that can benefit the most out of this experience. I think the person who can benefit from this process right now is Jack.”

Elated, Jack Vidgen, who won Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, hugged Sebastian as he went off stage.

However, an emotional Chriddy Black remained on stage, waiting for feedback.

Sebastian tried his best to appease the singer by offering praise.

“Chriddy just know that this is nothing to do with how you performed buddy, like absolutely nothing,” Sebastian told Black.

“Literally you just keep improving. I was looking over to George as you were singing and we were both just giving each other the looks of ‘wow this dude is serious.’”

However, Black wasn’t having any of it.

“Why didn’t you pick me?” Black asked, the blunt question appearing to take Sebastian off guard as the crowd — and coach Boy George — clapped in agreement.

After the crowd died down, Sebastian had a moment to gather his thoughts and explained that it was “the brutality of this show and the brutality of battles”.

Sebastian went on to say, “Because we just saw two unified people who had each others’ backs and we’ve got to try and choose. It’s not an easy decision that’s for sure.”

Black spoke candidly to the camera once he went backstage.

“I put it all out there and I’ve got more to give it’s just I want it more than anything man, I’m not built for anything else, I need to be here,” he said.

Sebastian spoke to producers after saying that it was a “brutal” moment and one of his worst in the series.

“I think that was one of the toughest moments for me as a coach. Jack and my path is so much deeper, it’s about his music but in relation to how he puts himself together as well,” he said.

Fans weren't pleased either.