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“We’ve been in the studio”: AC/DC confirms new music is in the works

“We’ve been in the studio”: AC/DC confirms new music is in the works

There have been rumours surrounding Aussie rock band AC/DC and whether or not they have been working on a new record.

Their sound engineer, Mike Fraser, can confirm that the band have been back in the studio.

With guitarist Malcolm Young passing away in 2017, fans were worried about the sound of the new album. However, he reportedly worked on “hundreds” of songs with Angus Young, with insiders saying that some of his riffs will be featured on the new album.

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Fraser let it slip on Tony Mantz Mastering Music Mastering Life podcast that the band were back in the studio.

“Well, yeah, I could say that we’ve been in the studio doing something,” Fraser said.

“What’s come of that I can’t discuss yet.”

With Fraser being the sound engineer for the band since 2000, he explained on the podcast why he’s been with the band for so long.

“They found a lot of guys they work with are always trying to change [their sound],” Fraser explained.

“Lucky for me, I was a huge AC/DC fan, so I kind of knew what it is, and what it should be. I think that sort of helped. They keep coming back to me.”