The surprising celeb behind the Sloth on The Masked Singer revealed

The surprising celeb behind the Sloth on The Masked Singer revealed

Tuesday’s episode of The Masked Singer saw singer Katie Noonan revealed as the Sloth.

After taking off her mask, the acclaimed 43-year-old chanteuse left the show’s judges stunned, with none of them able to guess her identity.

“Hey, you guys already have a season under your belt. How did you get it this wrong?!” said new judge Urzila Carlson.

After listing her musical accomplishments, host Osher Gunsberg labelled her as “one of the greatest voices in the country”.

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“One hundred per cent she is! Breathe is my favourite song!” said judge Dave Hughes, who was visibly annoyed he failed to guess Katie.

The comedian later said: “I’m so embarrassed. One of the best voices Australia’s ever produced. I listen to you all the time.”

Even Jackie was surprised that none of them were able to guess correctly.

“You have one of the most distinctive, most celebrated voices in the country, and you are standing in a seven-foot-tall blue furry suit on our stage,” acknowledged Jackie

Katie revealed her decision behind her coming on the show was because it looked like “so much fun”.

“I love the idea of getting out of my comfort zone. It's something that I've always really been into,” she continued.

When asked how the experience of appearing on the show disguised as a Sloth compared to playing concerts around the world, Katie admitted it didn't.

“It doesn't [compare]. To anything. Couldn't possibly compare to anything,” she laughed.