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Obsessed much? Celine Dion stores 10,000 pairs of shoes in Las Vegas warehouse

Obsessed much? Celine Dion stores 10,000 pairs of shoes in Las Vegas warehouse

Most people usually have a few pairs of shoes. Some for going out and some for everyday wear. But if you’re Celine Dion then you’re most likely going to need an entire warehouse to store all of your footwear.

The singer, who has a residency at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace, let James Corden in on her obsession with shoes during a Carpool Karaoke segment last week.

When originally asked the question, Celine admitted to owning 3000-5000 pairs of shoes, but after a bit more heckling, she finally gave away the correct number.

Corden went on to say that he had heard a rumour of the performer owning up to 10,000 pairs of shoes, to which Celine said was possible.

“Maybe. I didn’t want to say it,” she admitted.

But the question on everyone’s minds was: Where does someone with that many pairs of shoes possibly keep them?

“I have a place in Las Vegas … let’s call it a warehouse,” revealed the 51-year-old.

And while having a separate property just for shoes seems extravagant, Dion went on to explain that her former home in Florida had an entirely computerised system to help categorise her shoes.

“I had a system, it was computerised, and I would press, and the door would open,” she revealed.

“I would press another button and they would turn.”

She said that the shoes were colour coordinated to make it easier for her to pick and choose between them.

The chosen pair of shoes would then be presented on a thick glass counter, filled with crushed diamonds – but while it seems over-the-top, it isn’t as lavish as you may think.

“Not real diamonds, just to make sure that you don’t think that I’m loco,” Dion said.

In 2017, the My Heart Will Go On singer spoke to WWD about her hoarding habits, saying she finds it difficult to throw things away as they hold sentimental value.

“They’re part of every step that I take, and I have an attachment to it,” she told the publication.

But during the hilarious Carpool Karaoke segment, Dion didn’t seem to have a choice as she was forced to part ways with her favourite pairs of shoes by giving them away to strangers along the Las Vegas strip.

Despite being reluctant, Dion managed to give a few pairs away to lucky walkers-by. But while it seemed to be in good fun, it doesn’t look like the performer will be downsizing her collection anytime soon.