Human Nature members reveal how they got Covid

Human Nature members reveal how they got Covid

Human Nature’s Andrew and Mike Tierney recently revealed they caught coronavirus earlier this year - with one to blame for the other’s infection.

The brothers appeared on 2Day FM’s breakfast show, The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin, on Monday, May 10 to talk about their struggles with COVID-19.

Andrew told the show that he was the one that infected his entire family, as well as Mike, his wife, and their daughter.

Andrew believes he was infected in early February when he was returning home to Las Vegas following his Australian tour.

“We’d been touring at Christmas here and then we went back home to Vegas and life has gone back to a version of normal over there,” he said.

“We go and do things even though there’s COVID everywhere … and I’d gone back to the gym, and I swear I got it from the gym.”

He explained his suspicions, “You know people doing their heavy breathing and squatting really and not wearing a mask.”

Andrew said that though masks were still mandatory in gyms in Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, a lot of people ignore the rule.

While he isn’t certain he contracted the virus there, he said he was worried about the gym as soon as he entered. “I just walked into the gym and I thought, ‘this is not clean in here’. But you do that every day with the gym …

“I went home and thought I had a cold but then I thought to myself, I don’t think you can really get a cold anymore, so then I was tested for COVID.”

Between the gym visit and his COVID test, Andrew and Mike went on a weekend ski trip together. “We went away skiing for a weekend and our families were sort of all in one lodge together so Andrew spread it to everyone,” Mike said.

Andrew’s wife and daughter were infected, as were Mike’s wife and daughter.

Though both Andrew and Mike’s kids experienced mild symptoms, the brothers differed in their reactions. “Luckily we’re all fine now, it only lasted about 10 days or so,” Mike said.

Mike has made a full recovery while Andrew is still on the mend and yet to recover his sense of smell.

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