He's back! Grant Denyer announces his return to breakfast radio

He's back! Grant Denyer announces his return to breakfast radio

Celebrity Name Game host Grant Denyer has announced his return to breakfast radio.

He will be hitting the airwaves as part of a Sydney summer breakfast program with co-host Yvie Jones from Gogglebox.

"I'm still working with SCA [Hit Network] and we've got some great projects coming up over the summer, which is fantastic because I love radio," Grant told Now To Love.

"I had an absolute blast with that radio show [Grant, Ed and Ash] and I wouldn't change it for the world, so it's really cool to be able to some stuff with SCA and do things like summer breakfast."

Denyer is very excited to be back on the radio.

"It's a really exciting medium. I got a big buzz out of doing radio so I'm glad to continue working for them [Hit Network]."

However, fans of the Grant, Ed and Ash Show were shocked when the show was being axed in August.

Denyer himself took it in stride.

"I want my focus, now that I have a little bit more breathing room in my life, on actually just being a better father and partner. I just want to be around the girls more, I want to do school pick-ups. I’m teaching myself how to cook properly and just be the guy I kind of always wanted to be but never had the time to be," he explained.

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Always eatin’, always cuddlin’ and always smilin’ 💕

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"I'm putting it into the family at the moment because they've sacrificed a lot with me being away with radio and TV and I owe it to them, to put some time back into them."

Catch Grant & Yvie on 6 am to 9 am weekdays from Monday December 9th to Friday December 20th across the Hit Network’s metro markets.