Guy Sebastian slams SAS Australia's violence against women

Guy Sebastian slams SAS Australia's violence against women

Guy Sebastian has called out Channel 7’s SAS Australia, saying he felt “sick” after he tuned in to Monday night’s episode.

In the episode, the 17 celebrity recruits were challenged to fight one another in a boxing fight.

AFLW player Sabrina Frederick picked Nick ‘Honeybadger’ Cummins, which shocked her fellow contestants and those watching at home.

Honeybadger did not hold back, and Sebastian came on to Nova 93.7’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun show on Thursday morning to speak about the confronting scene.

“My wife and I run a foundation where we deal with domestic violence,” he said on radio.

“I thought that was pretty p**s poor, if I’m being honest.

“I think it makes it very difficult to tell your kids, to tell your boy, ‘You never hit a girl! It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, you just never, ever hit a girl. Violence against women is always wrong.’

“I felt quite sick if I’m being honest, watching that,” Sebastian continued.

The Australian Idol winner made it clear that he was not “having a crack at Nick (Cummins)”, but rather “whoever is in charge of the show”.

A fierce debate erupted regarding Monday night’s episode and whether it was right for Cummins to agree to the challenge.

Speaking to 7 NewsSAS Australia chief instructor Ant Middleton said: “The hand-to-hand combat task was the ultimate test of character and bravery.

“Sabrina had the luxury of choosing her enemy and she chose a tough opponent, showing true strength of character and how much she wanted to test herself and get the absolute most out of this experience.

“Nick did exactly what was asked of him,” Middleton added.

“They both held a good and correct account of themselves.”

Frederick spoke to Seven News about the incident and revealed why she wanted to challenge Cummins.

“I volunteered first and I picked Nick for two reasons,” she said.

“Firstly, I wanted to select the person I thought was the biggest challenge. Secondly, I knew our respect was mutual and he would give me a fair fight, regardless of my gender.

“In battle, the enemy doesn’t care about your gender or size and we had to think like soldiers to get through each and every task.

“Yes, I was scared but that’s the whole point of SAS selection – not letting the fear consume you and instead harnessing it to empower you.

“I am truly grateful for Nick and for that experience.”