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Guy Sebastian’s sad admission: “I was feeling a bit insecure”

Guy Sebastian’s sad admission: “I was feeling a bit insecure”

Despite his success winning Australian Idol in 2003 and consequent rise to fame, Guy Sebastian still feels like he doesn’t belong in the music industry.

Sebastian revealed to The Daily Telegraph that some comments have left him feeling insecure about his place in the music world, which is what inspired his new anthem Before I Go.

“So often in this industry people tell us we've had our day, or we've had our time,” Sebastian revealed.

“I was feeling a bit insecure in all those things and when I sat down to write this song.

“I felt like I needed something that was going to inspire me throughout the process. I wanted to feel in a good place.”

It hasn’t been easy for Sebastian, despite his song track record boasting hit after hit. Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of the pop music industry can be tricky.

“It is actually pretty hard being a pop act at the moment as well, which is probably an adjustment that needed to happen. Major labels have put a lot of effort into pop music for a long time but now you’ve got labels recognising the trend towards indie acts.

“You can either crumble in that challenge … you change with it or you stay the same and you get driven over by those changes.

“I just feel like this life I’ve been given, it is not something I want to waste. I am not ready to just be driven over by an evolving and changing industry.”