Cheating scandal rocks The Voice Australia judges: “You can’t do that!”

Cheating scandal rocks The Voice Australia judges: “You can’t do that!”

A drama-filled episode on Monday night’s The Voice left fans divided on which judge was in the right.

Guy Sebastian was at the centre of controversy when he turned around his chair for contestant Wolf Winters, who performed a stunning and moody rendition of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence.

However, the decision resulted in an epic showdown between fellow mentors Guy and Kelly Rowland, who still had a slot available on her team.

The tuft became so heated between the two, a producer was forced to step in and intervene.

“Wait, you can't do that!” Kelly cried out, which prompted fellow coach Boy George to say: “You're full. You can't have this man anyway.”

Guy then tried to encourage Kelly to recruit Wolf, to which she replied: “I’m looking for something specific. How're you going to tell me what to look for in my team?”

She went on to add: “You're cheating. You are cheating!”

It was then a producer had to intervene.

“The problem we have is that unless we get Kelly to take him, we potentially have to tell him that he's not through anymore,” the producer explained.

The show went on to decide that Guy could have Wolf despite already having a full team, but would lose two of his singers in the battle rounds.

One fan took to Twitter to bash the mentor, show: “How did Guy's chair turn? I thought they can't turn if your team is full.”

“Honestly, Guy knew the rules just because Kelly didn't turn. Now you're putting her in that situation... why is it on Kelly to take him just because Guy presses his button. It ain't fair,” another person said.

A third viewer wrote: “Okay, so that was unfair on everyone involved, Guy. Not very good sportsmanship.”

Others were sympathetic, however, with one person tweeting: “Kelly broke the rules last year, so who is she talking to Guy about how he is not following the rules when she changed the rules herself last year?”