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Angry Anderson’s anguish and fury: “My boy died trying to do the right thing”

Angry Anderson’s anguish and fury: “My boy died trying to do the right thing”

Australian rockstar Angry Anderson has spoken up for the first time since the tragic murder of his son Liam Anderson and his anger over the man that allegedly killed him.

Liam, 26, was found dead on Sunday morning in a park in Queenscliff, NSW, with earlier reports suggesting that the accused killer Mathew Flame, 20, was best friends with the victim.

But Angry and his eldest son Galen have rejected those claims.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, a clearly distressed Angry said: “They were not best friends.

“He wasn’t even in Liam’s main group of friends.”

Angry, who is known for his rock music and stage presence as frontman of band Rose Tattoo, was forced to take frequent breaks throughout the conversation as he struggled to keep his composure. Holding onto Galen’s hands he said that he had raised his four children to “always do the right thing” and to “look after people".

“That’s what Liam was doing on Sunday morning,” he said.

Documents received by Manly Local Court on Monday revealed that Mathew and Liam were amongst a group of boys who had drunk alcohol, taken MDMA capsules and attended a house party in the Sydney's northern beaches the night before he passed.

Mathew, who lost consciousness for a brief moment and woke up with concerns of overdosing, attempted to leave the party alone to which Liam accompanied him to make sure he was safe.

It wasn’t long before Mathew beat Liam so terribly that police advised the Anderson family to not view his body due to the condition it was left in.

“Liam was trying to help him,” Angry said. “He was such a decent human being.”

Mathew appeared in court on Monday and was charged with Liam’s murder.

Galen, who was close to his brother Liam and would regularly spend time with him, said Mathew was not amongst his trusted circle of close friends.

“I didn’t know him. None of us know him,” said Galen. “The first time I ever saw him was about six months ago when the dog was going nuts outside and it was at him.”

Angry was in Perth when he heard the tragic news, and it was as if the world had gone silent.

“If he was Liam’s best friend, I would have known him,” Angry said. “He would have been here, around this table, eating with us and the others.”