Fri, 8 Mar, 2019Courtney Allan

We now know Prince George’s favourite movie

We now know Prince George’s favourite movie

According to Prince William, Prince George has a new favourite movie.

Prince William shared this information during an official visit to CineMagic, which is in Northern Ireland. CineMagic is a charity that supports young aspiring filmmakers to discuss a range of social issues and challenges.

It was at this event that Prince William met a young boy, who presented the Prince with a paper dragon that they had made together.

According to USA Today, Prince William then revealed that Prince George’s new favourite film is How To Train Your Dragon, a film about a young Viking who dreams of hunting dragons, but befriends one in the process.

As Prince George grows older, it’s clear his taste in movies will change, as he has appeared to move on from The Lion King, which was his favourite film in 2017.

According to E! Online, Prince William confirmed this by saying:

"He quite likes The Lion King. We’ve watched that a few times. He tends to watch quite a lot of movies."

Despite Prince William being a senior member of the royal family and the future King of England, it’s clear he’s a hands-on parent.

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