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Steve Martin and Martin Short reveal the secret to their 35-year-long friendship

Steve Martin and Martin Short reveal the secret to their 35-year-long friendship

They’re two of the funniest men in showbusiness and now, they’re making their way Down under to commence their highly-anticipated comedy tour.

Sitting down with 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes, Steve Martin and Martin Short gave a sneak peak on what the audience can expect when attending their hilarious show.

The comedy legends candidly spoke about their success and how they’ve kept their 35-year-long friendship as strong as ever.

The show is not only a nod to their outrageous comedy movies, but it will also feature famous stand-up and sketch routines.

After crossing paths on the set of Three Amigos in 1986, the pair become inseparable as they went on to make countless films together such as, The Father of the Bride and its sequel.

For them, the secret to their friendship is simple: Laughter.

“If you’re people like us, if the other person makes you laugh, I think that’s important,” said Martin Short.

The duo considers their working relationship to resemble a marriage and choose to apply the philosophy to their friendship.

“I think decency is very important. That's very important in a marriage,” Short says.

“But I wouldn't want, for example, my wife to be like we do, banter back and forth all day. I think it would get kind of tiring.

“But for some reason, with Marty it gets tiring, but I don't fall asleep.”

And despite being in the game for so long, the two aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

With a world tour in the works and a new Netflix deal, the funny friends are only going one way – and that’s up.

“That’s why we’re doing it because we love doing it. Because we have other options,” Martin tells Hayes.

“I'm actually quite happy with where I am now. 73. A happy life. Still working, it's still fun.”