Tue, 31 Jul, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Natalie Wood’s sister weighs in on her mysterious death: “I know exactly what happened”

Natalie Wood’s sister weighs in on her mysterious death: “I know exactly what happened”

Actress Natalie Wood’s sister has weighed in on the speculation surrounding her sister’s death in 1981, revealing that she is confident her actor husband Robert Wagner is responsible.

During a new interview for Megyn Kelly Today, Lana claimed her sister and her husband Wagner got in a “bad fight” hours before her death.

When asked if she believes Wagner “murdered” her sister, Lana replied: “Yes”.

Lana’s interview follows the release of the new podcast Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Woodon which she shares her theory about what really happened to her sister.

The Rebel Without a Cause star tragically drowned at the age of 43 off the coast of Catalina Island on November 21, 1981.

The actress was on her yacht with Wagner, actor Christopher Walken and the ship’s captain Dennis Davern.  

Wagner has maintained that he doesn’t know what happened to Natalie and believes she slipped and fell into the water while trying to board a dinghy.

“I know exactly what happened from what Dennis has told me and from Natalie, who would not do certain things but would do other things,” said Lana.

“[Wagner and Natalie] had a fight. They had a bad fight. Dennis said it sounded like furniture was being thrown around.”

After the fight, Lana said Dennis told her that he went and knocked on the couple’s door and Wagner “opened it a little bit and said, ‘Mind your own business’ and shut the door again.”

Lana continued: “Dennis then left, went outside, turned up the music because they were being so loud and started walking towards the boat. And when he turned that corner, [Wagner] was standing there and Dennis said, ‘Where’s Natalie?’ And he said, ‘She’s gone.’”

Lana also slammed Wagner’s theory that Natalie fell off the boat while trying to board a dinghy because her sister was “terrified” of the water.

“That was thanks to our mom,” she said, explaining that a fortune teller told their mother “that she would have a child that would be known all over the world and that someone was going to die from drowning".

“So my mom used to tell us that to keep us away from the water. And it really, really hit Natalie,” Lana said.

Lana said she wants Wagner to be honest about what happened the night of Natalie’s death.

“I want him to tell the truth,” she remarked. 

“I want him to be a man and own what has happened and to be strong enough to do that.”

Wagner has refused to talk to investigators since they began to look into Wood’s death again.

Wagner and Wood were married first in 1957, divorced five years later and then remarried in 1972.