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How a Perth mum helped Mel Gibson lose 14kg in 8 weeks

How a Perth mum helped Mel Gibson lose 14kg in 8 weeks

Mother-of-two Sam Jackson was visiting Sydney from Perth the moment she met Hollywood star Mel Gibson who happened to be seated next to her at a restaurant. While this is generally a cue for people to become starstruck, Jackson decided to keep her cool and strike up a conversation as she noticed he was sitting by himself.

Jackson – who is a nutritionist – sparked a friendship between the pair as they got along so well to the point where they exchanged numbers. Gibson mentioned that he was finding it hard to lose weight and wasn’t able to get rid of his “middle-aged spread.”

And for a nutritionist, what better challenge than one of a famous actor, so Jackson offered her services and promised to help Gibson through the use of a weight-loss program.

According to The West, Jackson said: “Give me eight weeks with you, I’ll get rid of it.”

And sticking to her promise, Jackson helped Gibson lose 14kg in the short time of 8 weeks.

Speaking to New Idea, Jackson said that since their initial meeting, she now wakes up to a number of text messages from Gibson who is back to living in the US.

“We swap about 30 texts a day and FaceTime a couple of times a week,” she said.

The 62-year-old actor refers to Jackson by her nickname, which is Mighty Mouse.

“Mighty Mouse, I don’t have time to work out today. That OK?” is just one of the many texts Gibson has sent Jackson over the course of their friendship.

“Not OK. Get on the treadmill!” replied Jackson.

Through the help of a well-balanced diet and strict fitness routine, the Braveheart actor managed to lose 27cm around his waistline.

Visibly happy, Gibson was featured in a YouTube video with Jackson where he said, “My clothes fit, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, I sleep better.

“Basically, you’re eating more often, but better … at least I fit in the mirror!”

New Idea published the diet Sam Jackson prescribed to Mel Gibson:

Breakfast: (Within an hour of waking) omelette with tomatoes and capsicum.

Snack: (Three hours later) Zen Fuze Protein Shake.

Lunch: (Three hours later) Chicken with asparagus, broccoli and green beans and sweet potato.

Snack: (Three hours later) Zen Fuze Protein Shake.