Goldie Hawn delivers the “brain break” we all need during COVID-19 crisis

Goldie Hawn delivers the “brain break” we all need during COVID-19 crisis

As people around the world continue to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Goldie Hawn has come up with ideas to help children and their families get through these uncertain times.

 The Academy Award-winning actress has released her guided five-minute mindfulness meditation named “brain break” to help individuals regulate their emotions and focus their attention.

The exercise is part of her foundation’s signature program MindUP, which is aimed at giving children the tools to manage stress.

“What we do is we quiet our minds,” Hawn explained in an Instagram video earlier this month.

“We get that ‘barking dog’ … and get him back in the dog house and get calm. That’s the one time that the pre-frontal cortex can think.”

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The 74-year-old said such meditation could help both children and adults in managing their emotions while living with “uncertainty, fear, anger, [and] reactivity”.

“As a family, it’s a really good thing to have your moments of meditation or as we call it, a ‘brain break’ throughout the day as it will serve you in such a way that you just won’t believe it.”

The brain break exercise has been made available for free on the Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness app and via the MindUP website.

The MindUP program was launched in 2003 in collaboration with academics working in psychology, neuroscience and education. It is now used in 250 schools in the UK and Ireland.

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