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Australia’s "Mr Movies" Bill Collins dies aged 84

Australia’s "Mr Movies" Bill Collins dies aged 84

Bill Collins, Australia’s favourite film reviewer and TV presenter, has died at the age of 84.

Better known as Mr Movies, the renowned presenter and interviewer of Foxtel’s Golden Years of Hollywood died peacefully in his sleep on Thursday.

Foxtel has paid tribute to the legendary film critic and film historian, journalist, author and lecturer in a heartfelt statement.

“Bill was 84 and lived a life filled with love and devotion for and from his family,” the announcement read.

“It was also filled with passion for movies and Hollywood and all the adventures and opportunities associated with his 55-year career in the entertainment industry.

“Bill introduced generations of Australians to the world of movies.

“His passion for filmmaking, his eye for detail and his knowledge of the work of the great screen talents, added with his natural charisma and spirited presentations, turned watching a movie presented by Bill into an ‘event’.”

More to come.