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The truth about The Crown star's romance with Tom Cruise

The truth about The Crown star's romance with Tom Cruise

The rumour mill went into overdrive when The Crown star Vanessa Kirby was pictured kissing Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise.

However, the paparazzi shots proved to be on-set photos of the latest Mission Impossible movie, Mission Impossible – Fallout.

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But that didn’t stop the rumours and this week, Kirby, who played Princess Margaret on The Crown, was forced to deny it all.

“There’s literally zero truth in it,” she said of the suggestions she and Tom were romantically involved.

Speaking on The View, the actress said: “I had met him once in a room full of people! I was like, that was fast! We were filming on the river bank in Paris, and we have to kiss, and then the paparazzi [were] taking pictures.”

Kirby continued: “I’ve been in a relationship for two years ... We hadn’t started filming, and all of a sudden we’re getting married! It’s so bizarre. My boyfriend found it hilarious.”

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Kirby believes the rumours likely flourished because she is a private person and the public did not know she was in a relationship.  

“I didn’t bring it up. And he [Tom] never mentioned it. I don’t think he even knows. The whole thing’s ridiculous,” she said.

But Kirby did confirm that she has since spoken to Hollywood actor about the rumours and revealed that “it was embarrassing. Most of all for him probably.”