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1950s magazine unearthed: You won't believe the dating advice on “how to get a husband”

1950s magazine unearthed: You won't believe the dating advice on “how to get a husband”

A magazine article dating back to 1958 that advises women on how they can attract a potential husband has resurfaced through social media and has quickly gone viral.

The piece, which featured in American magazine McCall’s is titled “129 Ways to Get a Husband” and includes a variety of advice on how to do just that. While many find the article hilarious, others have slammed it as sexist and bizarre.

Photo: Facebook - Kim Marx-Kuczynski

The list ranges from semi-strange to completely outlandish, with one of the instructions advising women to be flexible when it comes to their potential partner's schedule: “If he decides to skip the dance and go rowing on the lake, GO – even if you are wearing your best evening gown.”

Quickly gaining traction, the Facebook post has been shared 13,750 times and has obtained over 4600 likes. The controversy has spread throughout Facebook and users have questioned the motive behind the article.

The feature was a collaboration between 16 people and they were chosen specifically for the task due to their “good minds, lively ideas and mature experience".

The group came from a diverse background as it included a songwriter, a marriage consultant, an airline stewardess, a police commissioner, a housewife, a banker, a psychologist and a bachelor.

Photo: Facebook - Kim Marx-Kuczynski

One of the sections titled “How to let him know you’re there”, informed women of men being attracted to material items, and recommended readers to buy objects to garner their attention.

“Buy a convertible – men like to ride in them,” said number 43.

“Stumble when you walk into a room that he's in. Wear a band aid, people always ask what happened.”

A user on Facebook commented how number 40 was her favourite piece of advice as it told girls to “stand in a corner and cry softly” so a man can approach you and ask what’s wrong.

Other strategies were far more blunt, with one saying, “Make a lot of money.”

And no listicle on how to get yourself a husband would be complete without a guide informing you on how to make yourself attractive.

The “How to look good” section had a few things to say when it came to how women present themselves.

“Get better-looking glasses – men still make passes at girls who wear glasses, or you could try contact lenses,” said number 49.

“Wear high heels most of the time – they’re sexier! Unless he happens to be shorter than you.”

Other suggestions included going on a diet “if you need to” and making yourself stand out from a crowd by dressing differently than other women.

Photo: Facebook - Kim Marx-Kuczynski

And if you’re someone who just can’t seem to find a single man, then according to the writers, buying a dog and taking it for a walk will help you come across one.

But if that doesn’t work then don’t fear, as the list also included: “Looking in the census reports for places with the most single men”, having your car break down in certain locations, working as a doctor, dentist or lawyer so you can be around educated, rich men, and reading obituaries to find widowers.

To finish off the ridiculous article, the final section was titled “How to land him".

From chatting to your date’s father about business or researching his exes to avoid “repeating the mistakes they made”, the advice just kept getting more and more bizarre.

The vintage article gathered a lot of mixed reactions on Facebook with one saying, “In this day and age it looks more like a manual of how to get kidnapped!”

“So, apparently, I’m doing a LOT wrong, is that why I don’t have a husband?!” questioned one woman jokingly.

Others wondered if the story was real or was it written as satire, while others joked saying they had “been doing it wrong for years".

“Thank God for the women’s movement!” said one user.

“Wow – finding a man is not for the faint of heart!” wrote another.

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