Mon, 12 Mar, 2018Joel Callen

7 outdated words that age you

7 outdated words that age you

You do it every day without thinking – using words that are no longer in vogue, or, in other words, are just plain old. If you’re lucky, the people you’re with will still understand what you’re talking about. Some people may even think that it’s cool to use such “retro” words and phrases. Other times, you might have to explain just what the word means because it’s been so long since anyone used it. Either way, these words will date you.

1. Slacks

Weirdly, this word seems to have dropped out of popular or regular use, and you might find some of the younger people will scratch their heads if you ask them about the slacks they’re wearing. It seems that the word “pants” is going to do just fine.

2. Fuddy-duddy

Oh boy, it seems perfect to be using this word in this list – seeing as how it refers to someone who is somewhat old-fashioned and out of touch.

3. Tape

If you still think about “taping” something to record the memories – whether on the television or in your backyard – you’re forgetting that VHS and cassette tapes are all-but extinct now, so the phrase “taping something” is meaningless (unless you’re an athlete taking care of an injury). These days, you’re “recording” a moment, or, “making a video”.

4. Blouse

Just like their companions, “blouse” seems to have gone the way of “slacks”. You’ll likely receive less confused looks if you use the more generic term, “top”.

5. The web

If you’re referring to the internet as “the web”, or use the term “surfing” to refer to anything you do online, you’ll likely cop some earth-shaking eye rolls. These terms had their hey-day in the 1990s, but are quite on the nose now. Instead, try just referring to things you do “online”, or if you’d prefer, call it what it is and say you’re spending time “on the internet”.

6. Lovemaking/being intimate/making whoopee

If you’re speaking with a younger person in your life, and the conversation moves to dating, then instead of asking if a relationship has progressed to physical intimacy by using any of these terms, try asking if they’re “hooking up” – it’s much more widely understood.

7. Hip

Use this word to denote something as cool, and you’ll make your companions believe you’re anything but.

What’s a word you’ve used that has elicited stunned silence from your younger companions?