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The Aussie couple’s book Ellen DeGeneres wants to turn into a movie

The Aussie couple’s book Ellen DeGeneres wants to turn into a movie

There is no doubt that Australian authors are making an impact on Hollywood.  

Recently, Reese Witherspoon’s production company adapted Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies. The series included the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman and went on to become an Emmys winner this year. 

Melbourne author Graeme Simsion has also been gaining attention with Tri-Star optioning his bestseller The Rosie Project.

His latest book, Two Steps Forward, co-written with his wife Anne Buist, is being pursued by Ellen DeGeneres’ production company.

The story is set on the 780km Camino walk from France to Northern Spain, an adventure the couple have conquered twice.

The pages reveal the thoughts of widowed American, Zoe, and recently divorced Brit, Martin.

Anne revealed that DeGeneres' interest in the book was “a bit surreal”.

“It would make a beautiful film. Quite aside from anything else, the scenery in France and Spain would be spectacular.”

The novel focuses on overcoming self-doubt and Graeme describes it as a “great escapist read”.

“You can disappear into it and feel good without having to walk further than turning the television off.”

The duo got the idea for the book from a 19-year-old Belgian they met when they first undertook the route.

As the walk exposed their feelings for one another, the pair knew it was important to write about characters their own age.

“What was important for me was the affirmation of Anne and my relationship. Spending 90 days in the close company of one other person on a quite difficult quest, you know pretty quickly if your marriage is in good shape or not.”

Anne revealed that Graeme carried a pair of high heels for her in his pack so she could wear them on her birthday in San Sebastian.

“We went to a really great restaurant and I’ve gotta tell you, putting heels on after walking all that way is not something you want to do, so we threw them out!”

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